The rants and ravings of a paramedic on prehospital care,  leadership, stress psychology,  systems, and whatever happens to catch my eye. 

I got started in prehospital medicine nine years ago as a bright eyed 17 year old looking for adventure and a way to serve my country. A year later I found myself in the mountains of Eastern Afghanistan working as a combat medic embedded in and infantry platoon. From that point on I knew a found a calling, the challenge of working critically ill patients in austere environments became a drug to me. Since then I became a paramedic, an Army Medical Instructor, worked on the streets of Boston and New York City, gained various critical care certifications,  and earned the title of Army Flight Paramedic.

The primary purpose of this site is to take free open access education and translate it into easily consumed articles that are applicable to prehospital providers.